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If you want to grow your business, you can’t bypass email marketing. In the modern world companies and entrepreneurs who are using mass emails as a successful marketing strategy need fast, reliable and cost-effective email marketing solution. G-Lock Software delivers you powerful software that suits perfectly for targeted bulk email marketing campaigns, email list management and email processing at your desktop.

G-Lock Email Marketing Bundle includes:

  • G-Lock EasyMail7– Self-Managed, IN-HOUSE Email Marketing Automation Platform for Windows®
  • Advanced Email Verifier– Clean Your List from Bad Email Addresses and Invalid Domains
  • G-Lock Email Processor– Extract data from inbound emails. Automate your workflow within minutes and save valuable time.

G-Lock Email Marketing Bundle combines an unrivaled feature set with world-class support and virtually infinite flexibility, at a fraction of the price charged for competitive programs.

Get G-Lock Email Marketing Bundle 10% Off Discount Code. [glocksoft Coupon Code].

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