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BitDefender Security for Exchange provides antivirus, antispyware, antispam, antiphishing, attachment and content filtering, seamlessly integrated with the MS Exchange Server to create a malware free messaging environment. It protects the mail traffic on Exchange servers from the latest, most sophisticated malware and against attempts to steal users’ confidential and valuable data.

Key features:

  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Intuitive interface
  • Proactive heuristic protection against zero-day threats
  • Multiple layers of antispam filtering
  • Content and attachment filtering
  • Antispyware and antiphishing protection
  • Centralized management software compatibility
  • E-mail Protection against Malware
  • Increased Business Productivity
  • Increased Usability
  • Centralized Management Support
  • BitDefender Technologies
  • Services

E-mail Protection against Malware


  • Fights e-mail-borne malware by filtering and blocking messages that carry a virus, spyware, trojan, backdoor or other potentially dangerous active codes
  • Scans e-mail messages at the point they enter/leave the server sthat the messaging environment is free from malware at all times
  • Extends the malware protection span by keeping the external recipients of the filtered e-mail (customers, partners, friends) safe as well
  • Provides anti-phishing protection by proactively detecting forged messages intended ttrick their recipient intdisclosing confidential data
  • Matches e-mails ta particular IP address sthat messages with spoofed headers cannot pass the White List filter anymore

Increased Business Productivity


  • Reduces mail traffic and saves network resources due tits extensive antimalware protection capabilities
  • Through its optimized scanning process, increases mail delivery speed and reduces server workload
  • Improves your company’s productivity and prevents the loss* of confidential information by filtering all mail passing through the Exchange server based on:

    • content (subject line, sender, recipient) and attachment
    • the criteria defined for the existing user groups
  • Provides a highly efficient, multi-layered antispam protection system which:

    • Reduces mail traffic by accurately classifying messages as spam, phishing or legitimate
    • Blocks unsolicited mail based on several filters, among which:

      • connection filters such as the Allow/Deny IP List and Sender Black List
      • the Bayesian Filter, which you can train tlearn the specifics of the spam received by your server
      • the Real-time Blackhole List (RBL) filter, which identifies spam based on mail servers’ reputation as spam senders
    • Allows configuring antispam filter sensitivity by setting very demanding or relaxed thresholds for each user group
    • Automatically redirects spam tyour Exchange Junk Folder**
  • Provides WBL (White List/ Blacklist) support, allowing you tset a list of trusted and untrusted addresses based on which trespectively “always accept” or “always reject” mail

* Only applies to the Exchange 2007 environment
** Only applies to the Exchange 2003/2007 environments

Increased Usability


  • Allows you to filter mail traffic in a more flexible manner through the use of antivirus, antispam, content and attachment filtering policies for different groups or users
  • Generates detailed statistics and reports based on a comprehensive database related to the solution’s activity
  • Allows you to remotely configure server protection by simply installing the management console on one computer inside the network
  • Instantaneously sends detailed warning messages to the network security and management staff if a virus is detected
  • Can isolate dangerous or restricted mail going through the antivirus, antispam, content and attachment filtering modules in a quarantine zone where you can deal with it at will

Centralized Management Support


BitDefender Management Server allows centrally managing most of the BitDefender business solutions installed on network computers, including BitDefender Security for Exchange (only Exchange 2007 is supported for centralized management). This type of integration allows you to use the Management Server console to get centralized access to:

  • Configuration settings for BitDefender Security for Exchange
  • Critical event information such as update-related events, configuration warnings, license expiration
  • Easy-to-interpret statistics and reports based on the information received from BitDefender Security for Exchange

BitDefender Technologies


All BitDefender solutions include B-HAVE, a patent pending technology which analyzes the behavior of potentially malicious codes inside a virtual computer, eliminating false positives and significantly increasing detection rates for new and unknown malware.

To better deal with new spam, the BitDefender Lab has created NeuNet, a powerful antispam filter. Inside the Antispam Lab, NeuNet is pre-trained on a series of spam messages sthat it learns trecognize new spam by perceiving its similarities with the messages it has already examined.

Certified Antivirus Engines
BitDefender&rsqu;s award winning scan engines featuring the B-HAVE technology have been recognized by leading certification bodies tprovide the most proactive antivirus protection available. The BitDefender Antivirus scan engines are certified by ICSA Labs, Virus Bulletin and Checkmark.



Advanced Update System
For permanent server protection, the product receives the latest updates and patches based on four configurable technologies: on-demand, scheduled, automatic and pushed.

Registered users benefit from free upgrades to any new version of the solution during the license period. Special pricing is always provided to our customers when they renew their license, making BitDefender a long term cost effective solution.

Free 24/7 Professional Technical Support
Certified representatives provide BitDefender business customers with free permanent support online, by telephone or e-mail. This is supplemented by an online database with answers to Frequently Asked Questions and fixes for common issues.

* With MS Exchange 5.5 only antivirus protection is provided. For other features, we recommend using it together with BitDefender Security for Mail Servers.

Get 15% Off Bitdefender Security for Exchange AU Coupon Code. [bitdefender Discount Code].

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